Daze of June

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2021/09/11 kl. 21:00
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Daze of June

Copenhagen-based metalcore outfit DAZE OF JUNE walk a double-edged sword between aggressive and heavy parts combined with a melodic and melancholic musical landscape. With the 2018 release of ‘Heart of Silver’ the band reached prominence on the Danish metal scene and began establishing themselves on the European scene, with EU tours alongside Thy Art is Murder, Dead Letter Circus and Siamese. They are now ready with their sophomore LP ‘Tainted Blood’, which offers nine dynamic, hard-hitting songs with lots of variety and catchy choruses.

“On this coming release we tried taking the songs to a darker place compared to our first album. The lyrics touch upon subjects such as suicide, mental illness and a variety of darker themes and therefore the songs are faster and heavier, which seemed more fitting for those themes. All the songs are related to all of us in some way, shape or form, so this album is a lot more personal compared to ‘Heart of Silver, which had more of a thematic concept”, guitarist Sylvester Jensen explains. “… we also wanted to let our aggressive side dominate the songs more and vary the heavy parts, while still keeping a focus on making good melodies – which is something that is a big part of what we do musically. Additionally, we tried experimenting with bringing in parts that are inspired by different genres, so you might discover a blast beat, blackgaze vocals or hardcore elements that we haven’t used before, which helped us develop our sound”, bassist Simon Gessø Hansen adds.
With their upcoming release, DAZE OF JUNE aim to become an established band on the international metal scene, and have therefore partnered up with internationally renowned and award-winning producer Henrik Udd (Architects, Bring Me The Horizon) to create the perfect sound for their second full-length. With hard-hitting and energetic live shows combined with dynamic and melodic songs, the stage is set for DAZE OF JUNE to reach their highest potential.
The sophomore LP ‘Tainted Blood’ is set to be released on February 19 through Prime Collective and will be followed up by Danish and international shows in 2021.



Heavyhitting hardcore out of Denmark!

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