**Rykkes til ny dato** MudMusic workshop: How to up your social media game!

2023/10/11 kl. 17:00
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Dørene Åbner: 16:45


Denne workshop vil foregå på engelsk/this workshop will be in English

Read more about how to attend at the bottom of this page

Working with your social medias as an up-coming artist, this workshop can help you with:

  • Building an authentic artist brand
  • How to grow your audience
  • How to create content you enjoy

Intro to the workshop:

We’ll look into how to embrace social media as a tool to grow your audience whilst enjoying it in the process! You’ll learn how to create a content strategy that’s authentic to you and fits your needs, as well as how to establish organic social media growth before expanding your reach utilising other marketing outlets. You’ll also get individual feedback on what you’ve done so far and tips for where to go next.

Meet the speaker:

My name’s Effi and I’m a music industry creative director and visual artist. I work predominantly with independent music artists to help them establish who they are as an artist, grow their audience and create their own authentic brand, as well as creating imagery, music videos and content.

Authenticity is at the core of everything I do as I believe that every successful artist, no matter how established they are, has embraced their genuine selves and successfully communicated that to their audience. Social media can be approached in the same way, turning it from a chore into an enjoyable way to promote your music and interact with your fanbase!

Do you have any questions beforehand? We learn from each other! Send your questions to mudmusic@kansascity.dk before the workshop, and Effi will implement them and answer them during the workshop.

Practical information:

When: **New date to be announced – stay tuned!**

Where: Kansas City, Munkebjergvej 140, Odense M. There’s free parking at the venue and the bus stops SDE Munkebjergvej and Stærmosegårdsvej/Munkebjergvej is located 250 meters from the venue.

Fee: The workshop is free to attend – but it requires one ticket per band/artist.

Hospitality: There will be a sandwich included when attending the workshop. If you have any allergies? Let us know beforehand by sending us an e-mail to mudmusic@kansascity.dk. Beverages can be bought at favorable prices in the bar.

How to join us at this awesome workshop: There will be a limited number of spots available. You must be an up-coming artist or band with a relation to Funen in order to attend. If you want a spot, send us an e-mail at mudmusic@kansascity.dk with the following information: Artist/band name, number of participants, your name, phone number and a short description of your relation to Funen. You will receive a conformation e-mail from us as your ticket.

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