14. september 2022 kl. 20:00:00
Forsalg: 120 kr. (ekskl. gebyr) Dør: 150 kr.
Dørene Åbner: 19:00

CREATIVE MUSIC proudly presents FINAL DECLARATION NORTHERN TOUR – the strongest comeback of Polish metal cavalry after the pandemic silence!

VADER – Polish death metal veterans, one of the most consistent bands in the European death metal scene. Being around since 1983 they have developed classic yet catching and aggressive style. During all these years they have invaded almost entire planet and became one of the most frequently touring bands. The band’s latest album entitled ‘Solitude in Madness’ was released in 2020 by Nuclear Blast Records.


Arrangementet og Kansas City er støttet af:
By- og Kulturforvaltningen, Odense Kommune